wedding Cinematography


wedding cinematography

In addition to our industry leading photography we offer beautiful, candid wedding cinematography.

With our video partners we offer beautiful films that are produced using Full-Frame DSLR cameras, offering an unparalleled visual experience to compliment your photography perfectly.

We offer our petite package with 7 hour coverage that can be added to any photographic package and fits in beautifully to wedding package offerings. Our film packages are also customisable to suit your needs.

Finding a reputable and artistic cinematographer who can work alongside your photographer in the style you desire is important for many reasons, and one of the first questions asked when couples consider a wedding video.

We believe the best wedding videos are candid and natural with minimal direction for the film maker.
It’s not about creating artificial moments, it’s all about being authentic and natural.

On your wedding day your principal photographer will offer you direction where appropriate to achieve those magical photos, freeing our videographers to capture natural moments as they unfold throughout the day.

Being a candid and elegant style of videography also means we are non-intrusive and respectful of people and religious customs and personal space.

We find people act more naturally and freely with a candid minimalist approach to videography and the results are real moments in time to be cherished for ever.

Our photographers and cinematographers work seamlessly with each other on your day in a tasteful and respectful manner to create stunning memories.

Another benefit of choosing our wedding film package is you only need to deal with one person -Studio Manager Valerie when working out the details of your timeline and considerations of the day’s planning.

We offer a truely seamless photo and video service of the highest professional standards for you day.

Our photographers and cinematographers work seamlessly with each other on your day to create stunning memories.
— MacDougall Photography